Who exactly is Vince?
Vince is a generally apathetic, lazy, shallow and overwhelmingly self-centered guy, who tends to have a lot to say. Vince resides in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is wild about sports, and avoids at all costs politics, news, weather, and most often children and the elderly, and everyone in-between.

Why does Vince have a Blog?
It's all a matter of supply and demand. There was such an enormous supply of random thoughts, we were certain a large demand was not being met by keeping these thoughts private. We're fairly confident the world simply can't get enough of Vince.

Has Vince won a Pulitzer or Nobel Prize?
Surprisingly, not yet. Though we feel it's only a matter of time. Vince did, however, win the "Most Likely to Jury Tamper" award his senior year in high school.

Can we contribute money to Vince's Blog or Vince?
Sadly, no. Vince is rather work-shy and the thought of counting, depositing, and reporting millions of dollars in contributions would be much too time-consuming and deprive Vince of greatly needed entertainment time. While Vince is generally thoughtless and smug, he does have a great sense of community with the globe and will continue, for the time being, sharing his thoughts with the world for free.

We just love Vince! Can we contact him?
By all means. Vince will most likely read and randomly reply to a decent portion of the e-mail he receives. You can write him at vince (at) vincehanks (dot) com. Just be sure to use simple words and phrases.


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